Yup - We're in crisis, and it's weird and scary.  We have to stop doing a lot of things but what you should NOT stop doing is

You just have to change it  up a little  bit.  This guide will show you how to do just that!  (And if you're consistent, you may never go back to the hand-out-business-cards-and-hope-for-the-best way!  Let's get started!

Step One

If you aren't clear about the help you need to make your business better, you're needs aren't going to be fulfilled in the business relationships you're starting - just like any relationship!  It could be that you need help with business resources, or advice about one thing or another.  You could even want to collaborate on workshops or want to be introduced to certain types of people.  It could even be as simple as you needing help getting your content out in front of a relevant audience.  Whatever it is,have some reasonable asks ready to go.  In fact, you can make your own HELP PROFILE and keep it handy for all of your networking calls!

Step Two

Relationships (business and otherwise) are a two-way street.  If you can't tell how you can help the business owner you're talking to ask some of these questions, and LISTEN to the answers.  Things like sharing resources, making relevant introductions, helping them brainstorm out a problem, sharing their content on your social media and with your clients, planning out collaborations, etc. are all fantastic, helpful ways to offer.

Step Three

Just like in any relationship, you gotta bring something to the table.  If you're dating and all you do is play video games in your mother's basement, just waiting for the next big thing, NO ONE WANTS TO BUILD A BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU.  Same thing here.  If you don't bring anything to the table in terms of content, expert positioning, VALUE, there's nothing much to build a business relationship from!  Posting meaningfully on LinkedIn, writing blogs and articles, interviewing for podcasts, speaking, giving classes/workshops, is all content that you should be doing anyway for your business and are all awesome points of connection for people to help each other!

Step Four

We know, we know.  Never end a sentence with a preposition.  It sounded weird the other way.  Don't send hate mail.

You can be as strategic or as general as you want, however, you don't want to wear yourself out.  In general, we recommend that you ask yourself, "Who shares the same target market as me, in a complementary way?"  List those categories, and then start finding people who fit.  Where to find them?  Well, PowerMatch, of course, and of course you should join!  You can also find them on LinkedIn (and if you don't have a LiinkedIn strategy - GET ONE ASAP , and in other networking groups you belong to.  Now start sending those emails requesting a chat!

HINT - In your emails to request a chat, make sure you indicate that you're not asking for a sales call, but instead, it seems that you share a target market and would like to figure out how to leverage it!

Step Five

On phone, on Zoom, on Facetime - whatever works for you.  Need a definitive guide for having a fab and productive networking chat?  Here you go!

HINT - You should be doing at least ONE networking call per day.  Yup.  One.  At Least.

Step Six

In fact, plan that follow up during your chat!  We've got a tool for that!

Step Seven

If you used our Follow Up Planner, you should have plenty of nurturing ideas, but if you need more, yo're in luck!  Sign up for our Nurturing Your Network Challenge and get our emails full of meaningful ideas that will foster growth in your business relationships - right to your inbox twice per week!

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